My Statistic’s Course before the Dissertation Year….

“It’s great how the Equine Science students all keep in touch and communicate as we go through this program.”

Well it finally began on April 16, my final module in “Research Methods Data Analysis (Equine Science)”. Maybe you’ve noticed I haven’t written a blog in a while. I have this crazy idea that once a course begins I have to keep up! That includes reading material, coursework and the discussion board. Any extra time after my normal work  hours, with the horses and farm, go toward completing the course material. So this week is revision week (kind of a catch up week) and I’m going to spend it preparing for my 2 final assessments that are due July 2nd. This includes clarifying my Dissertation Project and refreshing my blog.

I’ll admit that statistics is not a comfort zone for me, and after reading the material in the first week, I especially will not believe too many statistics, with unsupported data, that politicians and others spout out (especially in %’s) without revealing any foundational data or where the original numbers came from. I highly recommend everyone read the book “The tiger that isn’t: seeing through a world of numbers” by Michael Blastland and A.W. Dilnot. You’ll never look at data, especially when it’s being used to further an agenda, in a trustworthy way again.  Numbers don’t lie, but the way people put them together can! Surprisingly, I am enjoying this course, and looking forward to part two!

Here in the Midwest U.S.A. we are in late Spring where temps are rising to around 80 degrees F. Last week we had a dry spell with unusually high temps in the 90’s*F so we were able to cut and  bale our first hay cutting of the 2018 season, we’ll actually get 4 or 5 cuttings throughout the summer season. One of the other MSc Equine Science students lives near Calgary, Canada and told me they only get one summer cutting of hay! No wonder hay for horses is a premium product up North. It’s great how the Equine Science students all keep in touch and communicate as we go through this program.

One final thought, while horse racing season is in full swing which means early mornings and some late nights, today was a little different,  we all took time this morning to watch the beautiful wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Quite Amazing! Congratulations to all!

Until next time….



Bringing in the hay!

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