On Holiday!

Happy July! The module has ended, the assessments are in and now is the time to take a little break from studying. Sounds great but the truth is, as I was working with my horses this morning, thoughts kept popping into my head on things I could have done differently on my Project Proposal. This is par for the course for me, as I’m always overthinking my formats/approaches to any compilation. So far, all assessments have turned out well….but this one leads to the final research project! Needless to say, I’ll be checking my course page everyday towards the end of July when scores come out!

One thing I will definitely continue to work on is my R programming skills, throughout the summer, as the more adept I become at knowing the R language the easier my data analysis will be. I’ll also revisit some of the reading list books that were not required but were offered as additional resources.

The Research Methods Data Analysis (Equine Science) module is a fun and inspirational course for those of us who are research/data scientist at heart. The apprehensions disappeared as the course instruction and materials appeared. A great reading list, wonderful instruction and guidance all made for an interesting and confidence boosting 10 weeks.

Here on the farm, we baled our second cutting of hay on June 17th and we’re anticipating a 3rd cutting in a couple of weeks.

“Storm Temple Pilot”, our 5 year old Thoroughbred mare partnership, ran 4th in her debut race after an extended lay off. She ran well for her first race back and, most importantly, she came out of the race eating well and feeling spunky!


Next up will be our Thoroughbred colt, “High Powered”, as he trains for his possible career debut at Churchill Downs. He’s young and we don’t push the young ones…if he’s game we’ll go, but if there are any indicators to stop on him until next year…we will.


And……I can’t forget to include a pic and an update on our Welsh Pony….she is prepping for her 1st event in the fall.  🙂



Until next time…


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