So far so good!

I realize it has been awhile since I posted anything pertaining to my dissertation experience. I am still awaiting ethical approval, however I believe I am very close to obtaining it. The process is very detail oriented and precise. I have been spending my time reading about epidemiology, survey science and rStudio applications so when the approval is granted I can hit the ground running! I’ve got a survey to pilot and a slide presentation to prepare!

My project is a survey of iron amounts fed to racing Thoroughbreds. I am hoping to get 250 U.S. Thoroughbred Trainer responses. The “dearth” occurrence of Insulin Resistance and Equine Metabolic Syndrome in the racing Thoroughbred will be discussed and the survey will also answer questions that deal with feeding practices in U.S. Thoroughbred racehorse management.  I am very excited to get started on the “real” research.

It’s already our Autumn season here in the midwest USA and the trees have changed to vibrant colors. One windy day and all that color will blow away so I aim to ride my Welsh pony throughout the farm today and see the last of the Fall colors.

Our Thanksgiving Holiday is just around the corner (November 22) and I have very much to be thankful for including my association with the University of  Edinburgh Community. I am very grateful for their Equine Science program and look forward to serving another year as  one of the Program Representatives. Well, that’s all for now…enjoy the farm pics.


As soon as my ethical approval process is complete…I’ll let everyone know! 🙂


Until next time,



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