Keep on writing and researching…..

Hi Everyone!

I realized today that it had been awhile since my last post. It’s been a whirlwind of activity during my dissertation winter module and I look forward to my final spring unit of study in the MSc Equine Science program at Edinburgh. I did very well on my power point presentation yet I continue to tweak and improve it according to my assessment critique and the new research I have uncovered for my thesis.

My thesis Intro and Lit Review are almost finished as I move into the evaluation of my data. One thing is for sure, I am always slightly making improvements and adjustments to my writing!  Reading and rereading seems to always lead to writing and rewriting the dissertation.  Sometimes I feel like I will not finish on time, other days it flows like a river and I think I’ll be finished a month early!!

I am also a Program Rep and that involved participating in a Student Staff Liaison Meeting in February. This is my third year of being a rep and I would encourage current students to consider this role as it has enabled me to form relationships with other students from all over the world. This has led to other opportunities in collaborative research and I am looking forward to co-presenting a paper at Edinburgh in September!

Well…I’ve said enough! Enjoy some springtime pics from midwest USA.



Until next time,


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