The light at the end of the tunnel.

Hi Everyone,

In eighteen days my Dissertation will be completed and turned in for assessment. The past year has gone by so quickly. In one regard I don’t want to see it end because the research has become a part of me and my daily routine. I go to bed thinking about the content and structure. I wake up pondering whether I need to include more or delete some ideas! It’s so much more than just a report…it’s my time and energy wrapped up with creativity and science….all leading down a path to arrive at a conclusion.

On the other hand,  I’m ready to pursue a variety of research topics and subject matter. For me learning is a life long endeavor.  That’s the beauty of this program of study, I was able to get a taste of many topics in equine science, and now I can pursue the areas of interests, that beckon to me, to learn more.

I’ll touch base in eighteen days to let you know how it feels to complete this course of study…what I would do different or what I would do the same. One thing for certain, I’ll have more time to write some final thoughts! Now for some pics….

Here in the States, we are approaching the summer season with full foliage and warm temperatures…enjoy the pics!



  1. (Top Left) Flying across Illinois Farmland in a Cessna 172. (I prefer horseback riding over planes, but I do enjoy getting a birds eye view once in a while.)
  2. Storm Temple Pilot (6 year old Thoroughbred mare) winning at Gulfstream Park, Florida . 3. Taking a mental break, from studies, and riding around the farm…


Until next time,


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